Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Frank Welch Lee's Great Adventure

Frank Welch Lee, age 19, on his Great Adventure
In yesterday's post, I introduced you to a new series I'll be writing for FrankLee, My Dear.  This new series of posts, which will appear here on Mondays and Tuesdays, will focus on my dad's "great adventure" during the summer of 1932.  Yesterday you saw the first entry in his travel journal.

F.W. Lee's
Travel Journal

Today, let me give you a brief preview of the album containing the photos of Dad's trip.  His photo album is just a simple one with a black cover and black paper pages inside.  The front cover has an embossed center that surrounds it's gold-colored title:  Photographs.  The album is in good shape even after spending years in my mom and dad's musty storage room and later my basement.

Frank Welch Lee's 1930's Photo Album

Inside the album are photos of Dad's high school days in Middlesboro, Kentucky, plus photos of his "great adventure."  Dad took the time to create a title or introductory page to the section of the album about his 1932 trip.  He used a white marker or pen for the title page as well as for the labels under some of the photos. The white print shows up well against the black background, but in some places the ink or marker is beginning to smudge.  (Note To Self:  place some archival tissue between the pages of this album soon!)

Title Page  Made By F. W. Lee
1930's Photo Album

I hope you'll visit the blog next week to see the beginnings of Dad's trip.  He'll leave Louisville, Kentucky, and travel by train to California making one "grand" stop along the way.


  1. looking forward to hearing some more about your dad's adventure.

  2. Thanks, Diane! I try to post something about Dad's adventure on Mondays and/or Tuesdays, so I hope you'll visit the blog again.