Monday, February 11, 2013

Amanuensis Monday: Granddad's Bachelor Party, Part Two

Original transcription of George Veal's poem to Frank Lewis Lee
October 19, 1905 Bachelor Party

As promised in last Friday's post, here are the poems that were read at the conclusion of Granddad Lee's 1905 bachelor party.  First, the verse read by Mr. George Veal to Frank L. Lee, registered pharmacist.

Here's to our friend, Frank Lee,
Who mixes up prescriptions, and likewise
Mixes drinks,
And knows just how to fix'em, when a
Guy says "dope," and winks.

May he live long to mix up things that'll cure
Most any cuss,
And may he and his ne'er have to take
Stuff like he's mixed for us.

May he sell gallons of paragoric, which will
Make him money right,
But may he ne'er have to chase that dose
For his kid in the dead of night.

May his nights be filled with peace and rest,
And filled with joy his day
May pleasures surround him in hurrying
Throngs, and may troubles steal away.

And may the One Great Pharmacist, who
Prescribed for us all above,
Prepare for him these great draughts of life--
Health, Happiness, and Love.
--So say we all.           (Applause)

Original transcription of Frank L. Lee's speech
October 19, 1905 Bachelor Party

After Mr. Veal's recitation, it's Granddad's turn to respond.  With a few words of thanks to all those present at the party, he reads the following poem to Mr. Veal, bachelor.

May his "form" be well locked up
In the arms of a charming wife,
And may he never know what it is
To want a "quoin"
In business, such an incident will aid him
As well as he thinks it will aid me,
But alas!  Gentlemen, on him
You will have to wait and see.

Then here's to our host, of whose cleverness
And good qualities we all can boast.
Although, in business, he professes to 
Be honest,
He will sell iron, and (steel)
For a living.

Then here's to the jolly bachelor's life,
And may he live till he taken a wife,
For he who not women, wine and song
Will be a fool his whole life long.

Lastly, here's to the about-to-be-Benedicts,
Who, the toasts have been dreading,
May we all live to be present
At their golden wedding.
May their joys be so deep as the ocean,
And their misfortunes  as slight as its foam.

(Applause and three cheers for the grooms)

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