Monday, February 4, 2013

Amanuensis Monday: Wedding Announcement of Frank Lewis Lee and Elizabeth Welch Rochester

Elizabeth Welch Rochester
Wedding Portrait
Frank Lewis Lee
Wedding Portrait

This week's posts will focus on the courtship and marriage of my grandparents, Frank Lewis Lee and Elizabeth "Bettie" Welch Rochester.  For Amanuensis Monday, here's a transcription of the article describing  their November 15, 1905 wedding as it appeared in the Stanford (KY) Interior Journal of that week.
Wedding Announcement
Elizabeth Rochester & Frank L. Lee
Stanford KY Interior Journal
November 1905

ROCHESTER-LEE.--Miss Bettie Rochester, of this place, and Mr. Frank L. Lee, of Middlesboro, were married in the parlor of the Gilcher House, Danville, at 2:30 Wednesday afternoon, Rev. Gilbert Glass, of this place, performing the ceremony.  Mr. Welsh Rochester, brother of the bride, and Miss Mary Pennington, a cousin, accompanied them and stood with them during the ceremony.  Mrs. Hugh  Reid and Mr. John Owsley Reid, of this place, were also present.  The bride wore a traveling suit of blue, which was exceedingly becoming.  She is a pretty brunette, of amiable disposition and lovely character and is admired by all who know her.  Mr. Lee is well-known and well-liked here where he lived several years.  He is a fine young man in every way and a christian gentleman.  His friends here include all who have the pleasure of his acquaintance.  At 3 o'clock Mr. and Mrs. Lee took the train for Paris, where they will visit her sister, Mrs. G. W. Clark, and thence to La Grange to visit Mr. Lee's mother.  They will then go to Louisville for a few days, after which they will be at home to their friends at Middlesboro, where Mr. Lee has a splendid position.  That they may always be as happy as they are now is the wish of their hosts of friends including the Interior Journal.  Tuesday evening Mrs. Hugh Reid entertained most charmingly in her home the bridal party.

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