Thursday, February 14, 2013

Those Places Thursday: Frank & Elizabeth Lee's Middlesboro Home

Frank L. Lee and his dog, Tag,
on the front steps of 204 Arthur Heights
Middlesboro, Kentucky, c. 1940
After my grandparents married and decided to settle down in Middlesboro, Kentucky, they bought a house at 204 Arthur Heights.  This where they would live for the rest of their married lives, until my grandmother died in 1959. The house was situated on a hill that overlooked downtown Middlesboro and provided a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains.  It was located only about a half mile from Granddad's drug store, and he would often just walk down the hill to work.

The house is still standing, and I drive by it whenever I'm back in Middlesboro. Several years ago, my husband and I took our two boys to see the house.  It was for sale and empty at the time, so we were able to walk around the yard and peek through the windows. According to my dad and to friends and neighbors in Middlesboro, the house hasn't changed much at all, except for the exterior paint colors.  What a treat to spend some time there, take some photos, and tell my boys about this place where their great grandparents lived and where their grandfather grew up. Below are the photos of the house that I took on this 2004 visit.

Front view of 204 Arthur Heights

Side View of 204 Arthur Heights

This sunroom used to be part of the front porch,  My grandfather had the sunroom built for my grandmother  who suffered from tuberculosis much of her adult life.  The light and sun that came in through the many windows even in bad weather was thought be good for her condition.  She spent much of her time in this room growing African Violets and other plants.

View of downtown Middlesboro from Arthur Heights

Old steps leading from Arthur Heights property down the hill into town
My son playing on the front porch of 204 Arthur Heights.  I'm sure his grandfather and his great grandparents  spent time at this very spot in days gone by

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