Monday, January 21, 2013

Amanuensis Monday: Eight-Year Old Frank L. Lee's Letter to His Family

In September of 1889, my granddad, Frank Lewis Lee, was eight years old and staying with his grandparents in Trimble County, Kentucky.  His parents and younger siblings were elsewhere--maybe still in Albany, Missouri, where the family had moved a few years earlier.  During this time, young Frank wrote a letter to his family.  It's obvious from  the different, more mature handwriting at the beginning and the end of the letter that he had a bit of help.  Following is my attempt at transcribing the letter.

Letter written by 8-year old Frank L. Lee, page 1
Trimble County, Kentucky, 1889
Page 2 of  Frank L. Lee letter
Trimble County, Kentucky, 1889

Sunday 1:00 (?) Sep 22d 1889

Dear Mama, Bro & Sisters  I have just got home from sun day school.  I started to school mondy  we went to sun day school in the sur rey this morning  we got a letter from you last night  we just had dinner and grand-ma has just got through the dishes  I have been up the hill to pack peaches  I will make boxes for them  we will pack peaches this week
     I'm sor ry I cant go.  I get to ticket a day  sometimes I make one ticket to keep from whispering all day and one for a head mark.  I am going to keep Aunt Effie's horse till she come back to ride to the post office  I went to the post office on bonny  (?) but I went with one of the darkey and we had lots of fun  I wish Daisie and Pete was here to play with me.
I wish you would kiss them all for me and kiss the baby six times and I want you to go to the locking glass and kiss your self for me to.
bye bye

Your Son
Frank Lee Jr.

What a gift it is to have original family documents and letters such as this!  I think it's our responsibility to preserve and share them, too. Thanks to Geneabloggers for the Amanuensis Monday and other blog prompts.  For a great explanation of amanuensis, check out this link to the blog Transylvanian Dutch.


  1. That's so great to have and thank you for sharing!

  2. I was so excited when I found this letter, and I felt I should share it. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, Belinda!