Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Lee Grandparents

Sometimes I'm awakened in the middle of the night by that little voice in the back of my mind that reminds me of something I need to do.  Last night that voice reminded me that it would be helpful to readers of this blog to provide a basic family tree of my Lee ancestors.  Following is a list of my Lee grandparents with a few dates and places noted.  Do any of these names appear on your family tree?  If so, I hope you'll leave a comment below so that we can connect and share information about our Lee family.

William Lee came to Long Island from England around 1675 and settled his family in New Jersey

Joseph Lee (?-1790) m. Abigail Price

Thomas Lee (1728-1825) m. Dinah Perrine

Peter Perrine Lee (1756-1848) m. Ruth Huntington Gard; in 1790 they moved west to Ohio           settling just southwest of Cincinnati on the Ohio River

Rodney Jefferson Lee (1803-1871) m. Sarah Faulkner; they would eventually move across the Ohio River to Trimble County, Kentucky

Jefferson Francis Marion "Frank" Lee (1835-1912) m. Margaret Shaw Anderson

Gilbert Oliver Lee (1858-1923) m. Georgie Etta Gill; they moved from Trimble County to La Grange, Oldham County, Kentucky

Frank Lewis Lee (1881-1962) m. Elizabeth "Bettie" Welch Rochester; they eventually settled in Middlesboro in Bell County, Kentucky

Frank Welch Lee (1912-2004) m. Betty Jewel Lane

Elizabeth Lane Lee (1961- ?) m. Eugene Price Southworth II; I moved north and settled in Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky


  1. Beth, how do I contact you? My e-mail is I believe I am related through Gilbert O. Lee and an illigetimate child he had.

    1. Hi Scott--I just replied to an email from Richard S. Lee. Is that you?